Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wet and Wild First Days...

6-5-09 day 3
start: Pine Knob Shelter
end: Ensign Cowall Shelter
daily mileage: 8.2
total mileage: 32.1

Rain. It rained all day. Once you resign yourself to get wet it's alright though. As long as your pack stays dry your body can get soaked and you just keep moving. We needed a resupply on food so Dustin (with his newly dubbed trail name "Physics") and I volunteered to adventure into town about 2 miles away. We walked down the road a little to the "Free State" Hostel on the way to town, where we left a few bucks to run everyone's wet gear through their dryer (including my sleeping bag!). A few 100 yards down the road we hitched a ride from some local yokels into town. Before buying new supplies we stopped in at a Chinese joint and i ate an epic amount of General Tso's. After shopping we were able to hitch all the way back to the hostel to pick up our fantastically dry gear. Minimal extra foot miles and a dry, fluffed sleeping bag! Awesome! After separating 5 days of food back at camp morale is high : ). Our first hitching experience was excellent and MaKey is here for the night as well. His company will be appreciated.

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