Friday, June 12, 2009

The Trip East

This will be the first of about 10 entries that will provide a day by day account of our travels, and overlap Connor's day four post. Sorry or any confusion but we will probably be updating it in this manner from now on.

6-2-09 day 0
Today we set out from Centerville. After staying up all night saying goodbye we got up at 7:00am for breakfast. Mom prepared an egg/sausage casserole for us, and Connor's and Dustin's mothers stopped bye to see us off. We finally hit the road at 8:30 with Eric and Connor in my car and Ryan and Dustin in Ryan's. The drive to Harpers Ferry was long, but once we got there the fun began as we arranged cars for departures. Dustin and I hung back at the hostel we were staking at, while the other took off with the vehicles. Dustin and I got some dinner and wandered down to the Potomac where we saw some skinny dippers. By the time they had dropped off both cars and picked up Emily and got back it was about 11:30. We were exhausted so we climbed into the tents Dustin and I had set up. Mine and Connor's tent was simply the tarp we brought and set up with some cord. With our first attempt at set up I was banking on no rain, unfortunately no such luck. A wind storm whipped up and blew our collapsing "shelter" all to hell. We huddled up and laughed hysterically, and when it was certain the thing was going to blow away the wind died and let us get some sleep. We needed our rest to be ready for hiking tomorrow!

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