Monday, June 22, 2009

Lets be honest, we need adult supervision

6-17-09 day 15
start: 501 Shelter
end: Eagle's Nest Shelter
daily mileage: 15.5
total mileage: 185.8

Sorry if not all the mileages add up quite right... it makes sense in our heads.

It was a very chilly day today, and we had our first experience (the day after Pogo, our navigator, left) of getting super lost. The trail opened up to an amazingly cool boulder field after about 5 miles. It was about 100 feet wide and maybe an eighth of a mile long, and just covered with huge boulders. We could even hear a stream running underneath, but they were stacked so high that we were never even close to being able to see water. We decided that we wanted to climb them and assumed that the trail went over them (when we later found our way back it was very obvious that it didn't), and hiked all the way across them. There, we boldly entered the woods and found a white blaze! No trail, though. We kept finding blazes (the white blaze denotes the A.T.) and so we kept going through dense brush. There was no trace of a path anywhere, and we eventually found a blaze with a marker on the tree... "Pennsylvania state forest boundary." Oh yes, dear readers, about an eighth of a mile off the trail, the state of PA was using white blazes to mark something else! We managed to find our way back to the boulder field eventually (despite having no idea which way we'd even come). We enjoyed pretending to be intrepid explorers for that hour and a half or so, however, but in reality were less "Lewis and Clark" than "2 Morons Lost in the Woods."

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  1. Glad you found your way back to the path...I must admit though...I laughed out loud at your last statement about the 2 morons lost in the woods!

    Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through your adventures!

    -Danielle Ruivivar (remember me Travis?) Ann's daughter