Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two of Your Party Have Died of Dysentery...or...LOOK A LITTLE HOUSE!

6-10-09 day 8
start: James Fry Shelter
end: Tiny House @ Boiling Springs
daily mileage: 12.2
total mileage: 98.7

This was the last day on the trail for Ryan, whose car was waiting ahead. The good news, though, was our impending arrival into the quaint town of Boiling Springs, PA. The last ~mile before town was through and open field where a thunder-storm looked to be rolling in. Not looking forward to the prospect of getting wet again, I ran, with pack, into town, stopping momentarily to pick blackberries from a thicket of trees. I ran straight to he tavern to wait for the others, assuming they would look for me there.Well after an hour and a half and 2 beers i went out to find them. They were across the street at the local AT office, were i was told Dustin would be punching out a week early with Ryan on account of his knee trouble. We found a campsite for the night on a private lawn, owned and offered graciously by a guy who looked like Alan Alda. We got to his place and found, in addition to his open yard, a miniature house (imagine a Victorian tool shed). He built Tiny House for hikers, so Connor, Siesta, and I squeezed in and shared some chow before hitting the sack. We fell in love with Tiny House and took many pictures. Beer and pizza were an excellent break from the trail, and we will truly miss Tiny House.

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