Friday, June 12, 2009

Let it Rain, Man, Let it Rain...

6-4-09 day 2
start: Crampton Gap Shelter
end: Pine Knob Shelter
daily mileage: 12.5
total mileage: 23.9

Well, I woke up in the middle of the night to find the stitched seam of our fly leaking like crazy. Long story short my down sleeping bag is wet and very unpleasant. It rained all day but was otherwise a decent hike. We met our first real hikers today. First we met Ducky(everyone on the trail uses trail names) , with her dog Madison, and later on at the shelter we met Double Vision, Jukebox Hero, Siesta, and a Scottish fellow names MaKey. His accent is so thick it's like he's faking. Everyone is really great. We got to camp around 4:30 and found room in the shelter, which is good as it will give my sleeping bag and gear a break from the rain. Connor has acquired a number of ancient freeze dried dinners and we had our first adventure with those tonight. Connor's pot was edible I suppose...we won't talk about mine...

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