Saturday, June 6, 2009

day four of our adventure!

well, it has been four days on the a.t. and morale is high! we've
hiked about 45 miles from our starting point in harpers ferry, west
virginia. since then, weve hiked through west virginia and maryland
and are already on to pennsylvania! (at this point i feel it is
neccessary to apologize for the bad spelling and lack of
capitalization, as i am typing this on a kindle and cant really check
what ive typed) the lst few days until today have been absurdly rainy.
it rained all three days ago, all day two days ago, allyesterday...
and every night in between. today was our first day of beautiful,
beautiful dryness... and it was amzing. we dried out all our gear and
socks and made it to camp nice and early.

weve been meeting all kinds of incredibly awesome people. mckay is an
excellent old scottish guy weve been following all around,but theres
also siesta, moonwalker,no nails, western, lantern, rawhide, skittles,
duckie... all cool people we seem to be on an approximately similar
pace with. well, most of them are actually probably going to get wa
ahead of us as were still pretty slow, but nonetheless cool people.
siesta even bought us mcdonalds tonight and brought it to our camp
just to be nice to thenew guys.

well im out tonight but ill post again soon. i miss many of you
already and hope to hear from you soon!



  1. Connor, it was so good to get your post today. It sounds like you're having a great time and meeting lots of nice people. Hope the weather gets nicer for you so things will dry out. I think of you often. Enjoy your adventure. Love, Grandma

  2. So, what's y'alls trail monikers?