Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cold Bath Feels Good After 19

6-8-09 day 6
start: Rock Mountain Shelter
end: Tom's Run Shelter
daily mileage: 19.2
total mileage: 75.6

We put some miles down today, boy. Up at 6:00 the hike wasn't too bad, and we met a new friend, Castaway. It seems like every shelter we pass by is better than the ones we stay at, but that's OK because the shelters are in pretty good shape across the board. Lunch came late and consisted of mini bagels and peanut butter, way too much peanut butter. I could definitly feel it roiling around in my gut a ways down the road. Once we got to camp we took frigid baths in the stream, but don't take that as a bad thing it felt incredible...After lazing about for awhile i turned to napping and was woken to Ryan hollering about another snake in camp. I ran excitedly out of the shelter to find a 4 foot black snake ready to be caught and pestered. After the capture, some pictures, and a couple of snakebites i let him on his way...great success! We are all super excited about the 1/2 gallon challenge tomorrow morning...

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