Monday, June 22, 2009

Spoon theif actually imagined; intrepid hikers pleased

6-20-09 day 18
start: Eckville Shelter, PA
end: Allentown Shelter, PA
daily mileage: 7.6
total mileage: 217

Travis found his spoon in a far reaching corner of his pack (don't worry, dear reader, I'll find mine too... wait for next post). The spoon theif, incredibly, appears to have been imagined.

It rained all day today. We were going to hike 17 miles today, but got to this shelter for lunch as it was pouring and decided to call it quits. We're getting to Palmerton one way or another tomorrow, so instead of a nice short day it will just be a longer one tomorrow. We're hoping the weather will clear up by then to make it worth it! It's actually kind of rained a lot over the past three weeks, and we've gotten quite used to being wet... it's really not so bad! So, arriving at our shelter by lunchtime, we had all day to sleep and read. Sea Monster finished Hatchet, and I'm still reading The Stand (which is really long, but proving to be quite good).

We met Gus (from NC) and David (from Edinbourough) and enjoyed chatting with them all day, as well as Matt and Wendy. Looking forward to Palmerton tomorrow!

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