Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Hope #175 Will Get A Chance To Read This

6-11-09 day 9
start: Tiny House @ Boiling Springs
end: Darlington Shelter
daily mileage: 14.3
total mileage: 113.0

Leaving Tiny House was heart breaking but we did get fresh eggs for breakfast. Unfortunately Emily slipped and broke half of them, but no worries, we still had plenty of food. We messed around at the AT office and got a late start on our 15 miles. It was the flattest terrain we have had so far, all pastures and farm fields. We saw some horses and met some friendly cows (or coos as MaKey would say) #175 was our favorite. We stopped at a trucker dinner (touted as the best in the state) for coffee and some fantastic French Onion soup. We found more blackberry bushes where we stopped for 20 minutes to gorge on the delicious fruit. The last mile or so up to the shelter was a bit of a climb, but we found an awesome car about 1/2 way up. It was a flipped over, rusted out frame, that was wrapped around a tree. It looked like it had been there for 50 years, but how it got there it is a mystery. Eric also helped me rip a dead tree out of the ground so i could carry it to the top, just for fun, you know. We will be in the highly anticipated Duncannon, PA tomorrow, or as like to call it, the Emerald City!

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