Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Took a Long Day in Palmerton, PA

6-22-09 day 20
start: Borough Hall @ Palmerton, PA
end: Leroy Smith Shelter
daily mileage: 15.9
total mileage: 250.9

The Palmerton library doesn't open until 10 on Monday so there was no need to get up early. We did our grocery shopping and packed up waiting to get in. Connor updated the blog while I ran other errands. I got some more fuel fr our stove, and more excitingly I got dry erase markers and dice for travel RISK! The library was also having a book sale where I was able to get a decent paperback to replace the crap I've found in the shelters. We had 16 miles to go today and got started around 1:30... super late, and had 1oooft climb in under a mile right off the bat, merciless. While the rest of the day was mostly along the ridge the "Rocksylvania" rocks pounded our feet. The last 5 miles seemed to drag, especially as the sun went down. Both mine and Connor's feet will be glad to get out of this rocky mess and on to NJ in a couple days.

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