Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ants Would Make Terrible Sailors

6-25-09 day 23
start: Mohican Outdoor Center
end: 'Stealth Camping' south of Brink Road Shelter
daily mileage: ~13
total mileage: ~294.5

The mosquitoes last night were outrageously bad, biting our faces and exposed skin all night, ugg. Today was relatively easy other than that I am fighting a summer cold (the worst kind) and the super hot muggy weather. After lunch we came upon Crater Lake. We had actually lost the trail but could see the lake through a thicket. Instead of looking for where the white blazes picked up, we decided to go swimming. After bushwhacking through shoulder high weeds we found a small boulder on the lake shore to leave our packs and jumped in. The lake was beautiful and felt incredible. The shoreline was brimming with bullfrog tadpoles but try as we might they are impossible to catch. We also spent a half an hour or so putting ants on leaves and setting them adrift like boats. We'd watch as the ants freaked out and invariably were eaten by fish. Sadistic but awesome. Connor and I are pleased that our lifestyle for the next 5 months allows us to swimming in mountain lakes on a whim. : )

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