Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Doyle Rules! The Doyle Rules!

6-12-09 day 10
start: Darlington Shelter
end: The Doyle Hotel @ Duncannon
daily mileage: 11.4
total mileage: 124.4

We hiked our 10ish miles into the Emerald City today. I have super hyped it in my mind as the greatest town ever, and it is fabulous. The best part of this redneck backwater is The Doyle Hotel. Built in 1904, it is super run down and has $10 rooms for hikers. With a bar on the ground floor, the Doyle is perfect, a must stop for any thru-hiker. We got our room, did laundry, and showers, then Eric and I explored the town. At the hardware store i bought some plastic sheeting for our tarp shelter as well as a surface Connor and I plan to draw board games to play at camp. We have internet at the bar but I got kicked off at 8:00 to make way for live music. We had a fantastic night with good music and cold beer.Everyone at the Doyle is a hiker or hiker friendly, it's awesome, and will be missed. We are taking a long day in Duncanno tomorrow so we can get more errands done, befor we go back out into the wilderness.


  1. Connor and Travis, I enjoyed reading all of your posts. What an adventure you are having. Can't wait to see all of your pictures and hear all the stories you will have to tell. Be well, stay safe and have fun. Grandma

  2. In a semi-unrelated note, happy Hike Naked Day! Hope you guys did something epic to celebrate.

  3. Hey there Trav, it's our other grandma, seems as though you guys are having a blast. Just have the best time of your life but please be so very careful. keep the locations coming, I will send you something soon. grandma c