Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hike Naked...Feel the Sun on Your Cheeks!

6-21-09 day 19
start: Allentown Shelter
end: Borough Hall @ Palmerton, PA
daily mileage: 17.7
total mileage: 235.0

It's June 21st, the summer solstice. Also it just so happens to be Hike Naked Day! While it was too chilly to actually hike naked we showed our support later in the day. We ate lunch at a great rocky overlook called Bake Oven Knob. We met a family or day hikers who came up for the view. We had our little alcohol stove and they were thoroughly impressed with us : ). Later on we found a huge formation of rock walls and cliffs just off the trail so we did some bouldering. In honor of the holiday we each climbed up a big rock and stretched to the sun sans clothing. Very liberating...We pulled into Palmerton, PA around 5:15 looking to stay at the Borough Hall, a municipal building with a basement open to hikers. After 4:30 you are supposed to check in at the police station. However the one cop in Palmerton wasn't there and after waiting around for a hour we ran into a fellow hiker who showed us how to get into the Borough Hall. So we stayed unannounced. Walking down the main avenue we saw signs prohibiting "cruising" (driving 3 times past the sign within one hour) and parking on odd Fridays. Seems like a lot of silly laws for old Barney to keep after... After showers and laundry, we were feeling saucy so we went up to the Palmerton Hotel for drinks. We need groceries and an Internet fix tomorrow.

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