Sunday, June 28, 2009

The PA Spoon Bandit Gets One More Caper

6-24-09 day 22
start: Presbyterian Church of the Mountain Hostel @ Delaware Water Gap, PA
end: Mohican Outdoor Center
daily mileage: 10.4
total mileage: 287.5

Surprise, surprise we got out of town late again. We had to go wandering around to find something to replace our pot stand for the stove because somebody lost our old one >: (. Additionally, I discovered that I lost my spoon again! AAHH! I got new one at a gas turned out later that day that I had not in fact lost the old one. It was in my pack were I looked already...I'm freakin' out man, there are spoon gnomes or some kind of space time nexus of spoons or something. We left PA and walked across the Delaware River into New Jersey. Hopefully the rocks will end quickly. Also, Jersey is know bear country so hopefully we will see some. We stopped for lunch at Sunfish Pond, touted as one of NJ's "seven natural wonders". It is a naturally acidic glacial lake, and it is truly gorgeous.

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