Monday, June 22, 2009

Curse you, Spoon Theif!

6-19-09 day 17
start: Pavillion @ Port Clinton, PA
end: Eckville Shelter, PA
daily mileage: 15.2
total mileage: 209.6

We mailed off our Whisperlite and our waterfilter today, so we're now totally dependent on our alcohol stove and our new method of water purification, chlorox. The stove has been working beautifully, and we're 90% sure that chlorox won't kill us... and anyway, it's incredibly light comparitively. (Just kidding, we're at least 95% sure.) I lost my spoon somehow at the 501 shelter! I tore apart my whole pack looking for it... it's crazy, because this makes 2 spoons that I've lost now! I bought a new one in town as we mailed off the stuff, and Sea Monster was making merciless fun of me... until lunch, when he discovered that he had lost his there as well! It was excellent karmha, but we are also suspicious of the spoon theif that is clearly about.

We bought lots of warm lunches, and had mac and cheese today... tasty. We saw what is supposedly the best view in PA off Pinnacle Rocks, and found a few copperheads, which Sea Monster poked recklessly. We found Eckville Shelter, which was fantastic. It has a caretaker, and a shower, and really feels more like a clubhouse than a shelter. Lazee (the caretaker) even gave Sea Monster a new spoon.

We broke 200 miles today!

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