Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Got a Little Behind ...

6-7-09 day 5
start: Deer Lick Run Shelter
end: Rocky Mountain Shelter
daily mileage: 10.2
total mileage: 56.8

We knew we were in for a low mileage day today so we slept in and got a late start around 10:30. We hit a pretty murderous hill that went up without end at a wicked grade, definitely our hardest climb yet. Dustin and I took off ahead of the group and decided to wait after hiking a long while so they could catch up and we could decide on lunch. After a curiously long 30+ minute wait they showed up and revealed they had stopped at Chimney Rock for a view we had just blown by and missed, rats. We got to camp early and realized to our dismay that our mileage count to Ryan's car in Boiling Springs was off by about 10+ miles. We layed out our options and decided to do 19mi-11mi-11mi consecutively over the net three days. This gives us the miles and a short day in the middle to partake in the much anticipated 1/2 gallon challenge at Pine Grove Furnace. In starting the fire tonight we found a litte ringneck snake, which was cool..much better than the lame toads we have encountered so far...

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