Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mommy Come Get Me, Your Baby Boy Made Himself Sick!

6-9-09 day 7
start: Tom's Run Shelter
end: James Fry Shelter
daily mileage: 10.9
total mileage: 86.5

IT'S ICE CREAM DAY! The reason for the tradition is that it takes place within a mile or so of the physical halfway point of the entire trail. We hiked the short 3 miles to the Pine Grove Furnace General Store and bought our half gallons. I tucked into my Cherry Jubilee with great gusto, while my nausea grew steadily until about 2/3 of the way through, then leveled off and allowed me to finish before Connor and Eric. MaKey and Siesta watched, having done the competition in years past, and the Scott told us how back when he thru-hiked in '87 he put away 3 half gallons! Imagine a 1/2 gallon brick compared to your body then triple it, wowzers...After letting the ice cream settle we went on down the road and swam in the lake swimming hole. As we left the lake the thunder hit and it rained buckets. We hiked totally soaked up to the shelter for the night. My pack stayed dry and really that's all that matters. Overall and excellent day, and tomorrow we head into the small town of Boiling Springs where we will say goodbye to Ryan.

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