Monday, June 22, 2009

Antsy day waiting for the internet...

6-13-09 day 11
start: The Doyle Hotel @ Duncannon
end: Clark's Ferry Shelter
daily mileage: 4.5
total mileage: 128.9

We didn't have far to go today at all (we've been intentionally hiking short days so Eric and Emily can stay for as long as possible), so we woke up nice and late and checked out of the fabulous Doyle Hotel around 11. Emily and I grabbed some eats at the grocery while Travis updated the blog and Eric worked on building a new "pop can stove." Sadly, when we returned Travis had been unable to secure a computer... in fact, we hung around town until about 7 PM waiting for the blogs to get updated. The trouble we go through for you people! :-)

Eric and Travis did manage to build a fantastic pop can stove though. We'll keep the MSR Whisperlite for a few days to make sure it works out, but we have high hopes. It weighs less than a penny (we know because we use a penny as part of it, and it weighs more than the rest combined). It burns quite efficiently though, and we've boiled water on it a few times to test.

Travis finally got the blog updated, and we hiken an hour and a half to camp. Delicious spam stroganoff tonight, and a fire besides! We fell asleep feeling fat and sassy.

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