Monday, June 22, 2009

If you are only going to read one June post, make it this one!

Greetings from Connor and Travis, from Palmerton PA! This is Connor updating, and inviting you to take a break from the daily updates for some very important information... on the subject of care packages. :-)

We'll be trying to post updates with the blogs for where would be good to mail packages to, and the approximate dates we'll be there. Here's what to do with that information, when we provide it.

We'll give you the name of the town, the zip code, and what kind of mail drop location it is (post office, FedEx, or UPS). Post offices will be most common, and are definitely easiest.

Label the packages like so:

Connor Burke and Travis Smith
General Delivery
City / State / Zip Code
Please Hold for Thru-Hiker
Estimated Date of Arrival: ##/##

"General Delivery" keeps it at the post office until we get there, so is important. It's a bit different for Fed Ex and UPS, but we might not even bother with them.

So, we (obviously) haven't planned ahead more than a week or so, but we think we'll be in Unionville, NY (10988) on or about Saturday 6/27 (it's a Post Office) and Arden, NY (10910) on or about Monday, 6/29 (also P.O.).

When you send us stuff, be aware that we'll be carrying it... so unfortunately, probably no meatloaf. But we love cookies, beef jerky (anything salty really), and other reasonable quantities of baked goods. Although with our appetites recently, we could probably get through quite a bit!

That's it for packages for now. Now returning to your regularly scheduled day-by-day updates!

P.S. You may notice that my new tag is "Disney." My compatriate and I have settled on trail names. So Connor = "Disney" and Travis = "Sea Monster." So you know!

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