Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Here Guys Lemme Buy You Lunch"

6-26-09 day 24
start: Stealth Camping South of Brink Road Shelter
end: Rutherford Shelter
daily mileage: 18.9
total mileage: 313.1

We heard yesterday that the Brink Road Shelter was in a swamp so we decided to "stealth camp" south of it in a pine grove. "Stealth Camping" just means not camping in designated campsites. We woke up to rain and waited for it to subside before breaking camp. It cleared up and we had a pretty nice day. We needed supplies so we thumbed it into town. The lady that picked us up was super nice and told us her son had hiked last summer. She took us to the grocery store and dropped us of. In the deli section we were deliberating about lunch, and she came and found us. She said, "Here guys let me buy you lunch", and gave us 10 dollars. We were totally floored and super grateful. We bought an 8 piece fried chicken and 2lbs of mac n' cheese. Going back toward the trail we eventually got a ride from these two chicks. They told us they had always wanted to pick up hitchers, and we were more than happy to oblige them : ).

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