Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gooday Sunshine, Goodbye Maryland

6-6-09 day 4
start: Ensign Cowall Shelter
end: Deer Lick Run Shelter
daily mileage: 14.5
total mileage: 46.6

We got up and out fairly early today, earliest yet anyway. I finally think i have nailed down how to load my pack and had a comfortable fit today. In addition our weather was outstanding, sunny but cool, a refreshing change of pace. We had some spectacular views off the trail, the best was from High Point Rock. i was covered in graffiti, but you could see forever. I drained my radiator over the edge as well, which was satisfying... :). We took a long 2+ hours for lunch at Pennmar Park right on the MD-PA border. The sun was out and warm, so we dried out all our stuff and Connor and I attempted to seam seal our leaky tarp (hopefully it works out). The best part was that we got some free food from a family reunion in the park, an act we discovered later to be called "Yogi'ing". I got a fried chicken breast, and a giant piece of cake, which i ate with great relish. We camped early and got a chance to rinse out some manky trail clothes and sponge bath my nasty body. I'm really taking stock of the clothes and gear i actually need and i am definitely gonna ditch some. One state down, Maryland, and onto Pennsylvania!

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