Friday, June 12, 2009

The First Day of the Next Six Months

6-3-09 day 1
start: US 340 Shenandoah River Bridge
end: Crampton Gap Shelter
day mileage: 11.4
total mileage: 11.4

Finally got to start hiking today1 we still had some running around to get food and maps but finally stopped just walking and began hiking around 1030. It all came back as we went along. I quickly realized there was a certain technique to master in packing my frame-less ultralight pack, which today felt like a bag of potatoes with straps. The trail was a fairly easy segueing back into gear and hiking. We didn't see any fellow thru-hikers today which was a shame. The shelter a this site was infested with middle schoolers so i looked like tents for us, and the shelter Connor and I set up already looks more secure than the previous night's. The east going at the beginning is good as it gives us all a chance to figure out our gear as well as our trial chops as our bodies are being tested.

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