Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our first romantic sunset

7-18-09 day 46
start: Story Spring Shelter, VT
end: Spruce Peak Shelter, VT
daily mileage: 18.3
total mileage: 625.3

As we set off this morning, we quickly got to the base of Stratton Mountain. We weren't too worried, as it had a big parking lot full of cars at it's base -- a tourist mountain, ha! At the top, there was a pretty nice view and a whole mess of people. We got to talk to the kindly caretaker for a little while, which was fun.

Just two miles before the end our day, we encountered the beautiful Prospect Rock (a rock jutting out of the ridge to the west). The sun was getting low in the sky, so we decided to have dinner there while watching the sun set. Our friend Solo met up with us there and joined in our romantic experience! After the sun set we had yet to get in to the shelter, so we did our first hiking in the dark - our first of several!

When we got into the shelter, we met up with our friend Whisp and his old hiking buddy from '06, Fire. She only drove out to meet him at the shelter, so she had all kinds of treats for us - bratwursts AND cookies! The shelter was really cool too - four walls with a sliding door to keep out the bugs! A great end to the day.

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