Monday, August 31, 2009

Puking in the Bushes Tends to Put a Damper on Things

8-9-09 day 68
start: The White Birches Hostel @ Goram, NH from Rt. 2
end: Trident Col Tensite, NH
daily mileage: 6.9
total mileage: 874.8

I woke up still feeling sick so that’s awesome. We all slept in and hung around the hostel all day. We kept catching movies on TV and watched Big, Jaws, and Tommy Boy before finally leaving at around 2:30. Fly-By, Hardcore, Porkchop, Disney and I finally hit the trail around 3 o’clock. Porkchop took some girl clothes from the hostel and took off hiking in a sweet cotton mini-skirt. We had planned on 12 miles and getting in after dark, but as soon as we started hiking I could tell I was gonna be miserable all day. I quickly stepped off the trail and let everyone pass and thinking it might help I puked in the bushes before continuing on. I felt a little better and moving slowly I met up with Disney much later. We both felt really out of it and decided to cut our 12 miles down to 6 and just camp at a closer site. I don’t know what the deal is but I hope we get our vigor back soon, because today was not fun.

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