Monday, August 31, 2009

Somtimes Getting Lost Works in Your Favor

8-7-09 day 66
start: Madison Hut, NH
end: The White Birches Hostel @ Goram, NH from Pinkam Notch
daily mileage: 7.8
total mileage: 846.8

We planned on a short day out of the Whites into Goram, NH. In order to stay at Madison Hut for free we bartered our skit and song that we performed yesterday as a sort of work for stay. Admittedly the performance was not as good the second time around, however we still got outta there without having to pay so no complaints. We climbed over Mt. Madison, the last of our “Presidentials” and then down off the ridge and into the shelter of the tree line. There are two roads leading to Goram that cross the AT and we planned on stopping at the southern one that runs through Pinkam Notch. We accidentally took a wrong turn which happily worked out to our advantage, cutting off ~3 trail miles, and dumping us five or six miles closer to town along the road. While purists would say we cheated, we aren’t so worried about it.

We hit up the library and updated the blog for you fine people at a nominal fee of a dollar/ half hour. After calling the White Birches, our hostel, the lady told us, “Bruce can come pick yoos up and drive ya to da Wal-maat…”. We enjoy the accents up here. We took the offer and after re-supply we checked into the Birches, which is great and run by super nice people, and their daughter’s not bad to look at either. They have a pool so we swam, it was cold. There are bunch of hikers here and we got some beers from the local general store and Connor and I stayed up watching “Raising Helen” with the girls.

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