Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back On Campus

7-27-09 day 55
start: Storage Barn @ West Hartford, VT
end: Phi Tau Fraternity @ Hanover, NH/ Dartmouth College
daily mileage: 9.8
total mileage: 724

We left the hot stinky barn and met Double Vision and Jukebox Hero at the General Store for a tasty breakfast. After a little bit, Whisp came rolling in too. As soon as we left town we climbed over Happy Hill and hit the road leading into Hanover, NH home of Dartmouth College. Before we hit town there was a bit of trail magic consisting of watermelon and fantastic Rice Krispie treats. VT didn't seem to want to let go but sure enough we finally crossed the Connecticut River into NH. We went straigt away to the Dartmouth Outing Club HQ. The maintain the trail for the upcoming section and are one of the biggest outing clubs of their kind in the nation. We met back up with DV and JBH then went to the Post Office to get our waiting packages. In anticipation for the Whites I got some more cold weather gear and some tasty snacks from Dad, and Disney got a shipment of cookies! We were already snack heavy but decided to buy more at the local grocery co-op in addition to our resupply. Disney was in desperate need of new boots and after hitting up the outfitter, more magic happened. The hiker swap box at the outfitter had a basically new pair of Merrel trail shoes for free! The fit, so he nabbed those babies up, as well as bought new insoles and some trekking poles. For dinner we hit up the $7 pizza buffet. There was a Sox game on TV so there were dollar drafts as well...the perfect storm! After asking at the pizza place we found we could stay at Phi Tau Fraternity for the night. They are a local co-ed fraternity and are really cool about taking in hikers for a night or two. They also had just finished a bake sale and had MASSIVE amounts of cookies left over...tasty.

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