Friday, August 7, 2009

Appalachian "Money" Club

8-2-09 day 61
start: Chet's Place in Lincoln, NH (via NH 112)
end: Lonesome Lake Hut, NH
daily mileage: 13.4
total mileage: 790.2

We got out of Chet's via shuttle around 9, and were disappointed to encounter a pretty overcast day. We were a little worried that we'd have another day like Moosilauke (which was awesome, but would only be awesome so many times). Right off the bat, we had a steep climb up Mt. Wolf. It started raining, and the day turned out to be pretty much exactly like our Moosilauke day. The climb up Kinsman Peak was awesome though, with giant sheer rock faces that you just had to throw your poles over and rock-climb straight up. The climb back down was pretty wet and steep.

We got to our destination around 6 that night, our first AMC Hut. The AMC Huts are all through the Whites (which is a big tourist area) and they charge day hikers around $100 a night for food and a nice place to sleep. They're extremely commercial feeling, which kind of ruins the whole A.T. vibe we've been experiencing. Particularly because the only alternative shelters in the whites all charge $8 a night for thru-hikers. We'd heard that the Huts allowed work-for-stay for a few hikers if they could, so we thought we'd try our luck... but by the time we got to Lonesome Lake, 3 other hikers had already taken up all the work-for-stay slots. We had to pay $10 each just to sleep on the floor, which was pretty lame, and made both of us pretty bitter towards the whole Hut system for the night.

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