Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aquatrekking... hooray!

7-30-09 day 58
start: Hexacuba Shelter, NH
end: Hiker's Welcome Hostel in Glencliff, NH
daily mileage: 14.6
total mileage: 767.3

It poured all night as we slept in our weirdly hexagon-shaped shelter (freaking Dartmouth kids) and the trail was absolutely flooded. There were huge puddles everywhere (the whole trail, really) and we soon bowed to the inevitable and just started slogging straight through the water. Yeah aquatrekking! If any of you want advice on whether or not to get waterproof hiking boots, don't... the Goretex stops keeping water out after a few weeks of hiking, but it NEVER stops keeping water in! With my new boots from Hanover, though, they get your feet soaked and then squish the water out quickly, so you have a chance to dry out. All told, it wasn't too bad... I just hope we get a chance to really dry out our socks soon!

The whole day was a bit of a rush, as we had to get a full 15 miles in over two small mountains before the post office in Glencliff closed at 5. We climbed Mount Cube, which was a pretty decent ascent (but nothing too tough) and found absolutely no view from the top, due to the fog everywhere. We hurried on, taking a half hour lunch (instead of our traditional hour-and-a-half), and were rewarded by getting in to Glencliff at 3. Sea Monster got his new camera battery, and we met up with several of our friends at the hostel across the street (Micha and Rabbit, for example). We decided to hang out there for a while... then got sucked into watching a movie with them there... then heard there was lasagna for dinner... and decided to stay, rather than moving on to the next shelter. We showered, ate, and watched DVDs of Mission Impossible III and Monty Python's "The Life of Brian." A great evening.

Moosilauke tomorrow... our first Real Mountain, and our indoctrination to the Whites. We're pumped!

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