Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Green Mountain House

7-19-09 day 47
start: Spruce Peak Shelter, VT
end: Green Mountain Hostel @ Manchester Center
daily mileage: 2.8
total mileage: 628.1

We have decided on another near'o today into Manchester Center, VT. The Green Mountain Hostel sounds like the place to be and it's only $15. We walked the three miles to the road in our Crocs and then hitched into town. First order of business was to get some breakfast. "Up for Breakfast" is the place to go in town so we popped over there to find huge bustling Sunday crowds. I had the "Hiker's Breakfast" consisting of two pancakes, two eggs, two sausage, two bacon, home fries, and toast. The pancakes were literally the best I had ever eaten, on or off trail...seriously amazing. We heard a lot about the bookstore in town so we poked around there for a few hours. It was a neat place, lots of books and a really cool, chill atmosphere. After our re-supply we have Jeff, the owner of the hostel, a call and he came to pick us up. Green Mountain House is fantastic. It's really new and nice inside; it was basically a full blown house set aside just for hikers. We had Internet, showers, laundry, and a full kitchen in which we cooked Chicken Parmesan. We enjoyed our tasty meal and watched Wedding Crashers. Both of us are going to bed uncomfortably full.

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