Monday, July 27, 2009

We Found a Bunch of Crap on the Trail

7-17-09 day 45
start: Melville Nauheim Shelter VT
end: Story Spring Shelter, VT
daily mileage: 17.4
total mileage: 607

We had to make up a little time today but our miles didn't come without breaks. Just before lunch we ran across a bunch of hiking gear on the side of the trail. there was a tent, a sleeping bag, and a bunch of clothing strewn all over that had clearly been there for a while. I dunno, maybe someone got dragged off by a bear...After lunch we felt super lazy and Disney read while I took a nap. Lunch lasted until 3 and we got back on the trail just in time to walk through intermittent rain. We popped into the next shelter to find Wisp, Double Vision, Jukebox Hero, and Solo. We hung out there for another hour before the final 5 miles to our shelter. DV and JBH are here too, and we are planning on all doing a work for stay at this 'commune' place a couple days from now.

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  1. CONNOR! Glad to see your doing well man! I actually forgot about this blog for the longest time and just read through a large chunk of it today, only to find out that you were in MA the same week that I was! (being home from LA for a week for my mother's birthday.) I'm bummed because it would have been great to come out and hike a day with you guys, but such is life. Keep it up. If you do the Presidential Traverse in less than 24 hours ( easy in your condition now I bet ), I'll be jealous, though its pretty gorgeous and I might not recommend flying through it your first time.

    Stay strong!
    -Matt Farmer