Friday, August 7, 2009

Cowboy Camping Out Under the Stars

8-4-09 day 63
start: Greenleaf Hut, NH
end: Zeacliff, NH
daily mileage: 12.4
total mileage: 811.9

Woke up early at Greenleaf as the Croo started stirring around making breakfast. We stuck around until after the meal to get left overs as well as finish our work for stay, sweeping up the hut. Before we could put down any trail miles we had to climb back up a mile onto the ridge we came off of yesterday. The weather looked great in the morning and we ended up having another fantastic day. Around 2 o'clock we came up on Galehead Hut and cooked our lunch. After lunch we felt super lazy as we always do and, against our better judgment, decided to ask if we could do work for stay there. As it was only about 3 they said no, which was fortunate...somebody needs to keep us on track. We hiked on and knowing we wouldn't make it to Zealand Hut in time to snag a work for stay we planned on stealth camping somewhere. We had heard that the rocks at the Zeacliff overlook were fantastic so we stopped there a mile or so before the Hut. The short trial over to he rocks included a number of 'bog bridges' spanning some swampy stuff. Two of the bridges were almost like booby traps because the ends weren't sitting on the ground and were instead floating on the surface, a nice surprise when you step on it. After a couple of flying leaps we made it across. The rocks were awesome. We had a 180 degree view of a spectacular clear valley. There was not a cloud in the sky so after setting up an emergency shelter in the woods we slept out under the stars. The rocks face east so we have the phone alarm set for 5:30 with the hopes we will catch a nice sunrise.

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