Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

7-25-09 day 53
start: Tucker Johnson Shelter, VT
end: Winturi Shelter, VT
daily mileage: 18.9
total mileage: 697.8

Early on in the day we hit Willard Gap, point at which the Long Trail (runs from s. VT boarder to Canada) and the AT finally split. We are both extremely happy to get away from all the dirty Long Trail hikers and back to pure AT : ). As is our custom we took a long lunch, and read while our socks and shoes dried on the sun baked tin roof. I don't know if it was lunch or what but we seemed to move unnaturally slow and ate dinner on the trail also. We ate at The Lookout. It is a cool cabin 1/4 mile off the AT with a massively high observation deck built on top of the roof. Were a little dubious of the safety of this crazy platform, especially if the lack of shingles and holes in the roof are any sign of the place's upkeep. We again hiked until dark and when we got to the shelter we scared the heck out of Double Vision and Jukebox Hero. JBH said he was ready to Mace us. Also we met Huck Finn on the trail who is from Hamilton, OH...the closest real town to my school Miami U. Small world!

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