Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dumas was the man!

7-28-09 day 56
start: Phi Tau at Dartmouth in Hanover, NH
end: Moose Mountain Shelter, NH
daily mileage: 11.0
total mileage: 735.0

Having been up late last night hanging out with the Phi Taus, we woke up quite late this morning and didn't really get out until noon. We stopped by the post office again on our way out for me to mail off a letter, and then went to the library to download some more audiobooks for my Kindle and Sea Monster's newly reacquired iRiver. This took much longer than expected, and Whisp got bored and left without us. Sea Monster got most of the 3 Musketeers, and I got more of the book I've been listening to, The Count of Monte Cristo. Yay Dumas!

We left Hanover and started listening to a song that's been in both of our head's for a while, "I wanna be like you" from the Jungle Book (it was on Sea Monster's iRiver). The iRiver has 2 headphone jacks, but it wasn't long before we decided that we couldn't actually hike that close together for long.

We climbed Moose Mountain (a pretty good climb!) and met a guy named Robo at the top, who followed us into the shelter that night. He's what we call a talker... man, that guy could hold both ends of a conversation himself. There were some pretty awesome section hikers there though who had built a nice fire, and had some whiskey that they were sharing! Yay!

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