Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alpine Slide Madness (kind of)

7-24-09 day 52
start: Back Home Again Cafe/Hostel in Rutland, VT
end: Back Home Again Cafe/Hostel in Rutland, VT
daily mileage: 1.0
total mileage: 678.9

OK, we promise, we're not joining the Twelve Tribes. After 3 nights here, we're finally leaving today. But we're not going far. Part of the reason we zeroed yesterday and only hiked a mile today was because we have a package waiting for us in Hanover, and need to get there on Monday to pick it up (we were originally going to get there Saturday afternoon, when it would be closed until Monday morning).

My ankle has been bothering me, and after our intense slackpack yesterday I woke up to it hurting very sharply this morning. So I decided to go down to the walk-in clinic, where I waited around for several hours for them to tell me nothing. It's either tendinitis or a stress fracture, but as they didn't have the bone-scan machine to tell if it's the latter, we'll assume it's the former. The doctor was very nice, though, and she gave me some free anti-inflammitorys to help.

When I got back Sea Monster had eaten an entire rotisserie chicken for lunch and we were ready to leave. One of the Twelve Tribers was heading in the direction of the trail head anyway, and dropped us off there. Just a few hundred yards down the road was the Pico Ski Resort, where they had an alpine slide running! We decided to get a half-day pass for $24 each (our crisp new $50's were burning holes in our pockets!) and jumped on the alpine slide. We each got just one ride, and then it started gently raining. It only sprinkled for a few minutes, but then they had to dry the tracks, and it was taking forever. We waited about an hour, and when they still thought it would be another half hour or so we decided to get a refund. Fortunately, the guy behind the counter was nice, and gave us partial refunds and some free Snicker's bars for our trouble.

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