Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling Sick, and a Long Slow Slack

8-8-09 day 67
start: The White Birches Hostel @ Goram, NH from Pinkam Notch
end: The White Birches Hostel @ Goram, NH from Rt. 2
daily mileage: 21.1
total mileage: 867.9

We took advantage of the fact that there are two roads leading to Goram by slackpacking the 21 miles in between. We got up at 6 and hostel owner drove us out to Pinkam Notch at 7. A guy and girl, “Fly-By” and “Hardcore” respectively, joined us on our slackpack We stopped off at the Pinkam Notch visitor center for a bite of breakfast. First thing was to make up the elevation we lost decending into notch by climbing 2000ft up Wildcat Mountain. During the climb I began to notice that I wasn’t feeling great for some reason hoped it would pass as I hiked. Well, it didn’t and I eventually let everyone ahead while I plodded slowly in the back. The already long day drug on and on but eventually I met up with the other three at a shelter 2 miles south of Rt. 2. Thank God, 2 flat easy miles to the road and back to Goram.

I felt totally wiped and was looking forward to sleep. The cute daughter, who’s name escapes me, was headed back to Wal-Mart and we wanted more food so we decided to go along. After throwing our manky hiking clothes into the wash we dug though the hiker box and me and Fly-By found it stocked with old clothes from the cute daughters closet. I donned a Mary-Kate and Ashley label tank-top and some killer cut offs. We accompanied her to the store making sure she was totally embarrassed. Wiped out and still feeling sick, I really hope I feel better tomorrow.

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