Thursday, July 16, 2009

RISK, The Game That Ends Friendships

7-8-09 day 36
start: Mt Algo Shelter, CT
end: Stewart Hollow Shelter, CT
daily mileage: 7.3
total mileage: 450.1

Right down the trail from our shelter was the town of Kent, CT. We needed groceries and I wanted to check out the shoe store so we went in. The shoe store had a 10% discount for hikers so I picked up a new pair of low-cut trail runners and mailed my old boots home. In hindsight they probably should have been thrown away but whatever. We didn't leave town until after 11:00 and feeling super unmotivated our 17 mile day was abridged into a 7 mile day. We even packed out a bunch of hot dogs to eat for lunch. They were not however very filling so we whipped up some soup as well. We met a girl, Blue Sky, and ran into Intense again then cruised on up to the next shelter where we met No Name. Right off the bat he was a personable enough guy, but after he got going he would not stop. We made the mistake of inviting him to play our travel RISK, a topic he would not shut up about. After while it was like, "Alright dude, yeah its cool, but seriously chill out". All and all he was a nice enough guy but only in small doses...really small doses. Like half a Flintstone Vitamin size dose...

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