Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Got To Swim and Canoe, Just Like Summer Camp!

7-12-09 day 40
start: Tom Leonard Lean-To, MA
end: Upper Goose Pond Cabin, MA
daily mileage: 20.6
total mileage: 525.2

The shelter got movin' early this morning and we were out shortly after 7 and we put down some fast miles and had done 11 before lunch. Somehow south of the town of Tyringham, MA we got off the trail and bushwhacked through a marsh. We came out on a road and determined we were a mile or so west of where the trail picked up. We road walked into town where we ran into the Smith Brothers again. They were chillin' in the shade and told us we could buy brownies from the lady across the street. I don't know if she baked them or what but for $1.50 you got a brownie the size of your fist, packed full of nuts, chocolate chunks, and fudge. The brownie fuel got us to the cabin on Goose Pond, which is run by a Trail Club caretaker 'Grampy'. The place is a rustic old postcard type deal built in the '20s. We went swimming in the pond and there were even canoes we could take out. We paddled out around the island in the middle and met some locals in kayaks. They were friendly enough and gave us a couple of beers, even. The shallows around the island were littered with precarious rock stacks people had constructed. It looked like fun so I spent 30 minutes fishing around for the perfect rocks to build a truly great rock tower. Back at the cabin we broke out RISK again and started a game with a our new Ohioan friend 'Buckeye' (He just graduated from OSU). It got pretty tense, and while we didn't finish we can pick it back up tomorrow in Dalton, MA were there are tales of a second awesome guy who puts up hikers. Outhouse Part II !!!

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