Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

7-4-09 day 32
start: Bill and Amy's House, NY
end: Bill and Amy's House, NY
daily mileage: 0
total mileage: 408.4

Today was our excellent fourth of July shindig! We got up nice and late, and started the festivities early as hikers poured in! Some people came back from up north, some people came ahead from down south, and some (like us) arrived at just the right time! All told, 25 guests came, not including Bill and Amy, and not including the dogs. We all had delicious burgers and hot dogs, plenty of beverages, loads of chips and salsa... it was an amazing night.

We built the biggest fire I have ever seen. We used 7 railroad ties to build the giant teepee that was the base of it, one in the center and six balancing each other to form the sides. These ties were at least 10 feet long, maybe more like 12. Balancing them was precarious, but once we did we loaded up the center with sticks and gasoline and lit it up with some fireworks! It was great.

We're hoping to stay in touch with Bill and Amy, and send them a picture of ourselves on Katahdin!
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