Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gorgeous Valleys, and Awesome Peaks

7-10-09 day 38
start: Lime Rock Shelter, CT
end: The Hemlocks Shelter, MA
daily mileage: 17.5
total mileage: 498.9

We did the last of the Connecticut miles today and moved onto Massachusetts. After unexpectedly having to spend another night in the company of No Name at Lime Rock we think we have finally put some distance between ourselves. The last miles in Connecticut went through a gorge called Sages Ravine. The river cuts right down the middle and pours over waterfalls and rapids. The rocks were covered in a thick layer of plush green moss and the banks were alive with ferns all the way up to the sheer rock walls holding it all in. The whole thing was just so green and lush, it was truly a gem. After we hit the state line we spent the rest of the day climbing up and down mountains. We hit Bear, Race, and Everett. Mt. Race was by far the most gorgeous. The summit ridge opened up in a half dozen places to fantastic panoramic views. You could literally see 180 degrees from the side of the mountain out over the Massachusetts hills. Great stuff. On a more indulgent note, we met a couple of ladies out for a day hike who confirmed, without a doubt, that there is definatley a McDonald's in the town we hit tomorrow. A lunch of Dollar Menu gluttony, and moral will be high...

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