Monday, July 6, 2009

Trail Magic Bust!

6-30-09 day 28
start: Wildcat Shelter, NY
end: Fingerboard Shelter, NY
daily mileage: 14.3
total mileage: 365.5

Another very rocky day today... NY has some very interesting terrain! It's been cool though. A few very misplaced seeming 50 foot tall piles of boulders out in the middle of nowhere (the trail always seems to go over these). The forests are awesome too: a few miles today of forest with no undergrowth at all, just grassy bottom. Bizarre, but pretty. We're both impressed with the variety the trail has offered us so far.

We climbed through the lemon-squeezer today: an awesome pair of rocks (pictured right) sloped at 15 degrees or so, so they're almost impossible to walk through! The people that routed the New York trail must have had something against hikers, although we both thought it was really fun. We had a giant disappointment today though... trail magic cooler, full of empty beer cans. Both of us were devastated!
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