Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Privies are Dangerous

7-7-09 day 35
start: Telephone Pioneer Shelter, NY
end: Mt. Algo Shelter, CT
daily mileage: 21.1
total mileage: 442.8

Today we made some pretty good miles, over 21! Even so, we took a nice long lunch in which we met three section hikers. It was pretty obvious they weren't out for long, with their huge packs: one guy had his pad dangling half a foot below the rest of his stuff, swinging freely, as his sleeping bag stuck awkwardly off to one side. Upon further inspection, he even had a full sized axe! It was easy to feel superior. :-)

We met two through hikers today, Stretch and Tinman. They're like us, only Bizzaro verisons: they've been friends for years, just out of college, both Eagles, and were even at Philmont the exact same time as we were! What a crazy world! Tinman had a fun adventure in the privy- he entered to do his business only to come streaming (and streaking) out a minute later. Hornets! He got stung a couple of times, and had to dash back in for his toilet paper and purell!

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