Monday, July 6, 2009

Into New York for real!

6-29-09 day 27
start: Warwick Turnpike, NJ
end: Wild Cat Shelter, NY
daily mileage: 11.7
total mileage: 351.2

Today we set off from the Outhouse for the last time, and crossed from New Jersey into New York! We were driven to our starting point on Warwick Turnpike, and passed the Smith Brothers right at the outset. We've been making good friends with all kinds of people on the trail... it's been awesome.

There were tons of huge rocks today, so it was pretty slow going. The huge rocks that we're bouldering over are a lot of fun to climb though! We made a delicious stop at Bellvale Creamery (just off the trail) for some tasty homemade ice cream, and took our lunch there. When we finally got to the shelter, we were enjoying some nice conversation and blew right past it... didn't realize for about another mile that we'd missed it. There's another 2 miles on our day today... we're hoping that if we keep getting lost this often, we'll end up doing 3,000 miles instead of a wimpy 2,200! Good thing we hike fast!
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