Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Nuclear Lake, You Say?... You Sir, Have My Attention"

7-6-09 day 34
start: Bill and Amy's House, NY
end: Telephone Pioneer Shelter, NY
daily mileage: 13.3
total mileage: 421.7

After Disney updated the blog we finally said goodbye to Bill and Amy and hit the road around 11:00. Ah, we felt like real hikers again...About 5 minutes down the trail we saw a wild turkey pop up out of the under growth and bob across the trail. Then we noticed all her little chicks racing frantically after her. Nature is fun! For lunch we stopped in at a shelter and met two guys, Tinman and Stretch, but finished eating shortly after they arrived. We crossed a neat little stream with some cool rapids and made a quick decision to go swimming. Better yet we looked ahead and saw we were to pass by "Nuclear Lake" and felt it was our duty as adventurers to swim there as well. The lake was named after an old nuclear fuels research facility and the lake has been given a clean bill of health. However, when we got there we discovered the whole place was a marsh with wicked mosquitoes so we pressed on. Looking back we missed maybe our one and only chance to get some super powers...bummer. We ran up on the shelters faster than expected which was nice. We can get some sleep after our short day of easing back into the hiker life.

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