Monday, July 6, 2009

Water water everywhere...

7-2-09 day 30
start: Hemlock Springs Campsite, NY
end: Clarence Fahnestock State Park
daily mileage: 16.0
total mileage: 397.9

No picture today... it seems that the camera was damaged in the deluge (but don't worry, it will turn out OK in a few days). Lots of animals around the campsite last night - we heard coyotes yipping away from really close! We woke up lots because of the rain, but our fly was keeping us pretty dry except for little flecks of water coming in from the sides... until a flash flood-like river suddenly started pouring in from the open end! Lots of our stuff got pretty wet, but we're used to hiking in wet socks... it's been a very wet month!

The trail was soaked, and we were constantly navigating around huge pools of mud and water. The craziest part was a river crossing which had swollen to epic proportions. The rocks that were probably intended to serve as stepping stones were easily a foot and a half under water (which was flowing really fast), so we took off our boots and just forded it! It was pretty cool in retrospect! Met lots more people today: Tropic Thunder, Axman, and Intense. We've been hiking with Whisp for a few days now, too. Woo trail friends!

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