Monday, July 6, 2009

Bill and Amy are awesome!

7-3-09 day 31
start: Clarence Fanestock State Park, NY
end: Bill and Amy's House, NY
daily mileage: 10.5
total mileage: 408.4

Whisp stayed with us in our tentsite at the state park last night (hikers stay for free). The site was really unremarkable... I can't imagine paying for it, actually! It's right next to a highway, and several people's houses can be easily seen from the site! It was hard to get to sleep, actually, with the noise.

We hit some awesome trail magic today: fresh fruit and muffins! We're so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity out here on the trail!

Quick back-story about our destination tonight: when we stayed at the Outhouse, a guy named Bill (who through hiked in '99) told us about a July 4th party he was having at his house. His house just happened to be about the right distance up the trail from the Outhouse, and it is right off the trail! He made it clear that it was cool to arrive on the 3rd... so we made it a short day today and got in around 2:00.

Bill's place is great! He has us staying above the garage in a big room, and he and his wife Amy made a delicious dinner for us (turkey and a greenbean casserole that was out of this world!), and we got driven to Walmart for a few groceries and supplies. We watched 7 Pounds and ate cookies before bed. We're excited to take our first zero mile day tomorrow and enjoy the party here!

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