Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sugarloaf Mountain

8-16-09 day 75
start: Reddington Stream Campsite, ME
end: Crocker Cirque Campsite, ME
daily mileage: 16.5
total mileage: 970.6

Another day of fantastic weather! We climbed up over Saddleback Jr. first thing in the morning, and then lost all our elevation as we descended into a valley to cross Orbeton Stream. Straight back up Lone Mt. then along a ridge over Spaulding. We decided to add a little distance to our day by taking the side trail up Sugarloaf Mountain, the second highest mountain in Maine (second only to Katahdin!). We're told that on a clear day we can see Mt. Washington to the south and Mt. Katahdin to the north, but it was too hazy. The top is privately owned by a ski resort (they invite hikers up, though) and there were lots of ski lifts and buildings up at the top. The biggest building was closed due to mold and health concerns- but the door was unlocked, so we went in and explored. It had clearly been up there, "under renovation" but closed to the public, for several years.

We crossed a neat, big, and cool river on the way up to Crocker Cirque Campsite. You could see either direction for hundreds of yards. And, of course, our fly design was the best one to date. We're getting really good at setting up the fly now!

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