Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Care Packages!!! :-D

8-17-09 day 76
start: Crocker Cirque Campsite, ME
end: Horns Pond Lean-To, ME
daily mileage: 12.4
total mileage: 983.0
The campsite we woke up from was only half-way up Crocker Mountain so we tackled the other half first thing. The climb down the other side was a smooth 5 miles the ended at ME 27. We needed to take the road into Stratton, ME and were lucky enough to find the caretaker of the next shelter, "Night Lion", with his truck parked at the trail head. He gave us a ride into town and even gave us the rest of the denatured alcohol he wasn't using. He dropped us at the post office were we picked up packages from Emily, who hiked with us for the first two weeks, and Disney's dad. They were great care packages and really re-upped us on snacks. Emily even included some multi-vitamins so our nutritional needs are taken care of.
For lunch we headed over to the Wolf Lodge, and ordered the famous Wolf Burger. It's a half pound beef slab with bacon, mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce, and even sausage. We got all the veggies on it too! We topped off lunch with the super-deluxe-heart-attack-brownie-sundae thing and felt awesome-food rocks. At the grocery store I finally bought a Moxie. It's a Maine soda phenomenon and we had heard all about it. Some people love it while others hate it, but no one could seem to pinpoint exactly what it tastes like. I had to give it a try and in the first sip, the flavor was clearly ginger, or more specifically like the black/grey Necco wafers (incidentally, the worst flavor of Necco wafer). I guess Moxie wasn't bad but I don't think I will buy it again.
After getting our internet fix at the library I went outside and started pulling things out of my pack had decided I didn't want any more. Once it was all collected the bag felt suspiciously heavy so out of curiosity I asked the lady at the pot office the weight before I boxed it up. One pound twelve ounces. Wow, I just stripped nearly 2 pounds of junk I never used out of my pack. Its really amazing what you decide you don't want when you have to carry it every day. We got a fast hitch out of town, as soon as we got to the curb and threw out our thumbs the first truck to pass pulled on over, awesome! The last 5 miles up to the shelter were quick and we met back up with Night Lion. Giant burgers, internet, and new snacks, all in all good day in town!

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