Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Old Man Pees in jar, Hikers Unsettled...

8-13-09 day 72
start: Hall Mountain Lean-To, ME
end: Bemis Mountain Lean-To, ME
daily mileage: 12.8
total mileage: 928.0
We had planned on 2 or 3 of Maine's famous river fords today but they all just ended up being rock hops. As we climbed up Moody Mountain we somehow got off the trail and followed some kind of survey trail up. It was marked by blue ribbons and took us over really soft crumby awful trail. Eventually it met back up with the AT and we followed it up over the summit. We found a nice sunny spot at South Arm Road for lunch, followed by naps and reading. Right, after lunch we climbed Old Blue, pretty big, but other than a great name a relatively inconsequential mountain. We got in late again and with only one spot left in the shelter Disney opted to cowboy camp out under the stars to watch the meteor shower that was going on.
As I was squeezing my gear in between the other sleeping hikers, this old guy, "Plugger" got up a scooted to the edge of the platform. He then proceeded slide down his pants and urinate in a jar. Now before we go any further, a "Pee Jar" is not an unheard of thing when camping out in the woods. However, you gotta keep that crap to yourself in the privacy of your own tent, not in a shelter where there are 6 people packed in elbow to elbow. And second of all, why would you? The whole forest is a giant bathroom, you can literally pee anywhere outside a 10 foot radius.

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