Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steve and Dan's place in D.C.

9-1-09 day 91
start: New Haven, CT
end: Steve's Appartment in Washington D.C.
daily mileage: lots that don't count
total mileage: 1165.8

We slept in a bit later this morning at the fabulous LaQuinta, and started the drive to D.C. We were going to go to Harper's Ferry (which is where we started, and so, where we starting the southern leg of our adventure) but at just about the very last possible minute, Sea Monster's friend Steve (who we'd been trying to get in touch with for over a week) called and told us we could stay with him in D.C. for a little while! Awesome!

Lots of time in the car was spent updating the blog for you fine folk, and we soon arrived at our lunch destination - a cool, old fashioned lunch diner. We ate some tasty burgers, and were soon back on our way.

Before I detail our arrival, some other exciting news... I ordered new boots from Merrell! My old boots were from them, and they have an awesome policy of being good to thru-hikers (I guess they figure lots of other hikers look to us for our favorite gear companies, so they try to make sure they're our favorite). It was no problem, and my new boots will be waiting for me in Front Royal, VA. That means about another 50 miles of hiking in my quickly deteriorating Crocs, but I can certainly wait for free new boots!!

When we arrived at D.C. we had some trouble figuring out exactly where Steve lived. His roommate (and another friend of Travis's) Dan finally guided us in, and we said goodbye to Mr. Smith and Jackie. It was awesome seeing them, and really awesome that they helped us get down the West Virginia again!

Dan soon left for a grad-school class, and Sea Monster and I hung out for a while waiting for them both to come back. When they did, we went out to eat at a delicious Mexican food place and grabbed some drinks at a local bar. It ended up being a pretty late night, but a good one... it's nice to be taking a break from the trail and just hanging out.

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  1. Know what I say… hike barefoot. It'd save you money, and also think about how much effort you're expending lifting up the weight of hiking boots thousands of times a day. The drawback is that your feet might be tender at first, but they quickly toughen up. And before you call me a crackpot, it's been done before at least three times (once; twice). Just saying, is all. If I were hiking the AT, that'd be the style I rocked.