Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stove Top Stuffing discovery!

8-21-09 day 80
start: Pleasant Pond Lean-To, ME
end: Moxie Bald Lean-To, ME
daily mileage: 13.1
total mileage: 1033.3
The weather report for the day called for thunder storms late in the afternoon, but what that meant for us was a morning choked with oppressive sticky humidity, and man was it hot. There's defiantly a hear wave coming through. The clouds were low and overcast too making you feel like you are just sandwiched between them and the ground in the muggy mess.
One thing we continue to find incredible is that we are still passing southbounders. These guys just started the trail like a week ago and are planning to hit Springer in January I suppose-more power to 'em but man that seems late. We stopped for lunch after 9 miles and Whisp popped in shortly after. We have already described our technique for adding instant potatoes to our food but lately we've been experimenting with a new recipe. Stove Top stuffing is awesome and adds flavor and volume, it's truly the best of both worlds. Whips hung out with us for a while but eventually left as we continued lunching for around 4 hours. Just as we were packing up to leave a girl named "Evergreen" showed up. She's really nice and it's always fun to meet new Northbounders.
Lately the trail has been pretty dry but in the last 4 miles of the day Disney was stepping over some rocks and his foot slipped, landing in the only puddle within 10 feet. About six inches deep and just big enough submerge his entire foot, just bad luck man-
We paid for our 4 hour lunch as it started raining about 20 minute before we hit our shelter. If we hadn't screwed around all afternoon we wouldn't have gotten wet but whatever, rain never hurt anybody.

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